Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

An inspirational environment

At the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea,
a stone’s throw from Italy and the old border post,
the 1930s-era rotunda building housing the Mirazur
enjoys an idyllic setting.

It spreads over three levels on the hillside,
surrounded by lush vegetation.
The elegant, spacious and light-drenched dining room
commands a panoramic view of the sea
and the town of Menton through
the large windows running all the way around.

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On the lower floor, the bar
with a view of the glassed-in kitchen
where the brigade is at work
extends into a small terrace.

Down a few steps,
the orchard garden full of fragrant herbs and citrus
is a precious source of inspiration
for Mauro Colagreco when dreaming up his dishes.

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Creative, free and respectful cuisine

Through his personal interpretations
of ingredients and flavour combinations,
Mauro Colagreco has forged a style of his own.
He has absorbed his Italian-Argentinian cultural heritage and
that of the chefs with whom he trained,
and now follows his intuition as he draws
on the local culture on both sides of the border.

Inspired by the sea, the mountains
and the fruit and vegetables grown in his own gardens,
Mauro invents colourful, pictorial dishes that play
with textures and bold contrasts.

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His cuisine is ultra fresh,
with lots of herbs, fruit and vegetables
showcasing the magnificent ingredients
produced by local growers:
citrus fruit from the Riviera, saffron from Sospel,
olive oil and lemons from Menton,
wild mushrooms from the surrounding countryside,
produce from the Ventimiglia markets,
gamberoni prawns from San Remo, locally caught fish, and so on.
Light, honest, respectful of nature,
Mauro’s cuisine expresses itself freely.

At the Mirazur, nothing is immutable; everything changes with the seasons,
available produce, and the inspiration of a great chef.

Le Mirazur

The Mirazur gardens

The Mediterranean is muse to Mauro Colagreco’s imagination.
He loves to work the land, with the help of his gardener, Laure.
In 2010 he created his own vegetable garden
next to the family home.

Le Mirazur

The vegetable garden

Lots of vegetables, including rare and exotic varieties
brought back from Mauro’s travels
– corn and potatoes from Peru,
Brazilian chilli, roots from Argentinia –
are grown in it without fertilisers or pesticides
and harvested daily when perfectly ripe
to ensure they taste their very best. 


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In this lush terraced garden, courgettes of different 
shapes and colours and some thirty different
kinds of tomato
– from the Black Prince to the Giant Russian
and Horn of the Andes – 
are also cultivated, as well as cabbage and pink, 
yellow and white beetroot,
lettuce, gourdsand all sorts of aromatic herbs.

Le Mirazur

The herb and citrus garden

Besides the avocado tree, reputed to be
the oldest and largest on the Riviera,
the orchardgarden by the restaurant is home to lemon,
orange, mandarin, clementine and grapefruit trees.
In the middle of the garden, mint, chives, sage, oregano
and savory are grown, alongside edible flowers
such as borage and nasturtium, which,
freshly picked, adorn the plates.

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Mauro Colagreco’s cuisine is inspired
by three themes:

Fish, shellfish and crustaceans
supplied by fishermen of the Mediterranean Sea

Vegetables from our own garden and from the market.

Meat, poultry and dairy products from local farmers
Forest pickings: plants, flowers, fruit and wild mushrooms.

At the Mirazur, the cuisine evolves freely according
to the available products and the Chef’s inspiration.
Each menu is a gustatory journey.


A journey in several stages
to discover the culinary philosophy of Mauro Colagreco. 85€

Food and wine pairing: 60€

Ask about our weekday lunch option
(except public holidays and during the summer season
from 14 July to 31 August)

At the Mirazur, the cuisine evolves freely according
to the available products and the Chef’s inspiration.
Each menu is a gustatory journey.


The unique experience of a constantly evolving menu
based on seasonal produce
and the chef’s favourite source of inspiration:
the Mediterranean Sea, gardens `
and the mountainous inland countryside. 140€

Food and wine pairing: 80€

Ask about our weekday lunch option
(except public holidays and during the summer season
from 14 July to 31 August)

At the Mirazur, the cuisine evolves freely according
to the available products and the Chef’s inspiration.
Each menu is a gustatory journey.


A menu comprised of some of the Mirazur’s long-standing:
Wax beans and Ossetra caviar Gillardeau oyster and pear
Blue lobster, French coco beans and chamomile broth
A meeting of exceptional products and unusual combinations. 210€

Food and wine pairing: please ask our sommelier

Ask about our weekday lunch option
(except public holidays and during the summer season
from 14 July to 31 August)

A selection of culinary creations inspired
by our three themes

Catch of the day
Shellfish or crustaceans
Seasonal meat (produced in France)

Dessert with seasonal fruit and vegetables
Chocolate dessert
Spicy dessert

Cheese by Maître Antony
and our small producers

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Looking for a gift idea?
Why not offer a meal at the Mirazur?

Contact us for advice on our menus and food-wine pairings.

Contact us
By email : events@maurocolagreco.com
By telephone : +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

“At the Mirazur, we are lucky to work
with a young and cosmopolitan team,
which creates a lot of culinary interchange.
Each team member shares techniques
and products specific to their own country,
so we can introduce them
into the recipes we develop daily.”

M. Colagreco

If you wish to submit an application to the Mirazur,
please send your CV and cover letter to:
salle@mirazur.fr or cuisine@mirazur.fr

L'équipeGalerie photos
Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Receptions, cocktail parties,
private dinners, openings, weddings…
Mauro Colagreco will custom-design a suitable
menu for your event, in a decor created especially
for the occasion by professionals.

Together with his team Mauro will make this a memorable occasion,
whether in a private villa, on board a yacht or in an unusual setting;
or at the Mirazur restaurant, which can be entirely booked,
offering a seating capacity ranging from 250 for dinner
and up to 500 for a cocktail reception. For more information
and a personalised estimate,
please contact Aurore Negro:

+ 33 (0)4 92 41 86 86

Indian wedding
with an entirely vegetarian
menu for 700 guests,
Bari, September 2014.

Organisation of
two dinners for 
Van Cleef & Arpels’s 
exclusive clientele at the Villa
Key Largo, Cap d’Ail (20 guests), 
and at the Yacht
Club de Monaco 
(70 guests), 
in June 2015.

Launch of the new
Dior collection at
the Fondation Maeght, 
Saint-Paul-de-Vence, May
2015: lunch (170 guests) 
and dinner (210 guests) 
for the press and
the House’s best

Private dinner
for 40 guests in a London mansion,
September 2014.

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Welcome to the Mirazur,

So that we can offer you the best possible dining experience,
please let us know on booking
of any dietary restrictions or allergies you have.

To book your table,
please use the Reservation form below.

You can also send us
an email at: reservation@mirazur.fr
Or call us on: +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86
(10am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm)

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

10 exceptional dinners
for 10 years of Mirazur

These events will be announced
in the “Les 10 ans de Mirazur”
section of our website.

To book one of these meals, please contact us,
either by email reservation@mirazur.fr
or by telephone on +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86.

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Private parties

For your receptions, weddings or cocktail events,
the Mirazur restaurant
can be entirely booked for a private party.

Guests can use all three levels
– restaurant, veranda, lounge bar and garden terrace –
offeringa large capacity: up to 250 guests for a dinner
and 500 people for a cocktail event.

For further information and an estimate,
please contact Naomi Z.Steffen:
+33 (0)4 92 41 86 86 / events@maurocolagreco.com

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur

Restaurant Mirazur
30, avenue Aristide Briand
06500 MENTON

Tél +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86
Fax +33 (0)4 92 41 86 87
Website: www.mirazur.fr
Reservations: reservation@mirazur.fr

Sittings :
12.15pm-2pm / 7.15pm-10pm
Credit cards :
CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Private car park
Taxi service on request

Contact Form

Open mid-February
to early November

Wednesday to Sunday
for lunch and dinner

Specific opening hours
mid-July to late August

Tuesday to Sunday for dinner
and Wednesday to Sunday for lunch

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Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur










Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur


Légume d’une forme peu régulière, de couleur rose ou jaune pâle.
Légume au goût d’artichaut plus ou moins prononcé.
Riche en minéraux, Il ne contient pas d’amidon.

Chanterelle grise ou en tube

Chanterelle grise ou en tube

Pousse en groupes et en abondance sous conifères dans les aiguilles, sous feuillus et dans la mousse.

Huître tarbouriech

Huître tarbouriech

Au sein de la lagune de Thau, gorgée d’iode et de soleil, l’huitre Tarbouriech,
avec sa coquille légèrement rosée et sa nacre irisée offre la rencontre
du croquant de son muscle et du moelleux de sa chair.
Un équilibre subtil, sucré, iodé qui lui procure son goût inimitable.

Le Mirazur
Le Mirazur
The 10-years of Mirazur

2016 the year of the 10th anniversary of Mirazur

To celebrate its 10th anniversary and in true Mirazur style,
Mauro Colagreco invited 10 prestigious chefs from all around the world
to take command of Mirazur’s kitchentime for an exceptional dinner.

These 10 chefs and Mauro’s friends will each design and build
a single tasting menu 10 dishes that will be the expression
of their interpretation of the experience Mirazur
Sea – Gardens – Mountain.

David Kinch - 27 May 2016

May272016 DavidKinchbiography

René Redzepi - 30 May 2016

May302016 RenéRedzepibiography

Alex Atala - 28 June 2016

June282016 AlexAtalabiography

Yoshihiro Narisawa - 07 July 2016

July072016 YoshihiroNarisawabiography

Andoni Luis Aduriz - 08 September 2016

September082016 Andoni LuisAdurizbiography

Virgilio Martinez - 21 September 2016

September212016 VirgilioMartinezbiography

Emmanuel Renaut - 04 October 2016

October042016 EmmanuelRenautbiography

Sebastien Bras - 05 October 2016

October052016 SebastienBras

Jorge Vallejo - 19 October 2016

October192016 JorgeVallejobiography

Massimo Bottura - 27 October 2016

October272016 MassimoBotturabiography

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