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The Cooking reveals its secret when it is CONNECTED TO THE DEEP ROOTS OF THE EARTH

Capturing the delicate relationship between landscapes, listening to the particular music of the seasons and trying to evoke this beauty in a dish is the wonderful work that we are able to do in our profession.
Wherever we are, we belong to a food community, our presence in the world requires interdependency. This is what direct contact with the Earth reveals to us.
Having a garden is experiencing a constant transformation and the essential role of interrelation to create life. It is this attentive look at nature in all its diversity that inspires me and is revealed in my dishes.
These are simple and solid values that I consider to be pillars not only for achieving culinary excellence but also for nurturing our gratitude to the generosity of the Earth.
A garden is above all a territory of hope. Mauro Colagreco

The Mirazur Sanctuaries The Mirazur gardens - Philosophy

The Mirazur Sanctuaries

"Therefore, let us respectfully enter the sanctuaries where THE MOUNTAIN AND THE FOREST HIDE AND PROTECT THE NATURAL GARDEN"

George Sand (1804-1876)

In 2008, two years after Mirazur opened, we decided to start growing our own vegetables. Currently we can rely on three gardens that supply the Mirazur on a daily basis and another plot of land located in Castillon in the heart of nature. Gardens that keep expanding with projects that change their format and aim to improve the treatment of the land and the environment. We are working to create a link between the restaurant and the gardens. Maintenance/Gardening is carried out by both our gardeners who are familiar with permaculture techniques and by Mirazur's brigade. Each week a person from the kitchen and one from the restaurant room will work in the gardens and share knowledge.
It's a whole awareness program that we're trying to support. In addition to the varieties of plants from our region and those provided by groups working to rehabilitate ancient and endangered species, some specimens come from Latin America and other latitudes. New flavours that coexist with those of the Mediterranean and break down borders. We are also working on having our own seed bank adapted to our location.


Agapanthes 2

Located at the foot of the restaurant, in addition to a majestic avocado tree, considered one of the oldest in the region and beautiful ornamental plants, this garden includes the famous IGP lemon trees of Menton "the land of the golden fruits", orange trees, mandarin trees, sour cherries and grapefruit trees. On the ground are small wild strawberries, mint, chives, sage, oregano, savory, verbena and a multitude of edible flowers such as borage, nasturtium, begonias. A fragrant and colourful universe.




Located only a few metres from the restaurant, in the chef's gardens and on the site of the former Villa of the Belgian King Alberto I, the Mirazur vegetable garden is a special place: on its beautiful terraces overlooking the sea, grows a large quantity of products that are used in Mirazur's dishes presparation. Throughout the 4 seasons we can find more than 150 plant species including 30 varieties of tomatoes, several varieties of wild plants, flowers and some fruit trees: orange trees, lemon trees, mandarin trees, grapefruit trees, medlar trees, almond trees, plum trees, peaches and grapes. Watering is done with spring water from the mountain. We have also built a hen house to collect fresh eggs every morning and there we have 10 varieties of hens from around the world. In winter we have 10 hives placed on the high terraces of the garden to ensure biodiversity and improve pollination of the crops.


Asperge sauvage
Fenouil sauvage

Located 3 km away from the restaurant on the road to Super Garavan, an edible forest is being developed on the ground: we have planted banana trees, fig trees, cherries, lemon trees, caviar, khakis, grills, elderberries, among others. Many varieties of wild plants are collected, including magnificent asparagus. A cultivated land organized in such a way as to reduce the need for maintenance and promote biodiversity.



Fenouil sauvage
Sous les noisetiers

It is the newest of our gardens. Located only 11 km away from the restaurant. A magnificent plot of land located in the middle of the mountains with beautiful olive trees and several fruit trees. A river crosses our land and provides the necessary water. A space that lets us be drawn into all the vitality of nature where we plan to work with renewable energies and have animals.


Many of our clients are familiar with our philosophy and come to Mirazur to experience it, they also want to visit the gardens. Depending on our availability, guests are offered a guided tour of the gardens closest to the restaurant by our chief gardener to stimulate a moment of reflection and dialogue on cultivation techniques, the characteristics of our land, new and old varieties.
If you are interested, please let us know when you make your reservation at Mirazur Restaurant.

The Mirazur gardens - Visits
The Mirazur gardens - Visits


28 October 2019
Training at "Safran des Baous de la Cote d'Azur"

On the grounds of Saint-Jeannet, in the Sausses region, we met the Rasse family in order to share a "saffron" day. A beautiful experience that introduced us to a feminine and subtle culture through this particular flower with an oriental taste and mythical color, famous for its numerous virtues : antioxidant, medicinal, digestive, aphrodisiac and antidepressant! "To set up a saffron plantation, it is necessary to prepare the ground and plant the bulbs between July and August. When the flowering starts, it is time for picking. Flowers are in full bloom between early October and late November. Blooming season lasts for five to six weeks: this is when we harvest. Once the harvest is done, we pull each pistil one by one, by hand. The pistil consists of 3 stigmas, orange red and which will turn to blood red after drying. After being stored in the dark, in an airtight room for 2 months they become edible. Finally, throughout the year there is weeding. Each step is entirely manual. That generates a lot of manpower. Weed control and close monitoring are required to prevent diseases. The land must be well exposed with a good level of sunlight. The soil must have a fairly balanced PH that is neither too acidic nor too basic. This does not require special watering; a good rainfall rate just before flowering is sufficient" Thank you Erika and family!

16 October 2019
Non-alcoholic drinks with local wild plants

A workshop led by Marine Lafon to deepen our knowledge of the wonderful world of drinks: kombucha, kefir, perfumed drinks, herbal teas, hydromels... "Using the unique flavours of wild plants to enrich our taste palette. Fermentation provides new experiences: it allows the richness of a terroir to be expressed and releases the hidden flavours of wild plants"

07 October 2019
Annual meeting of the "Maison des Semences Paysannes Maralpines" / "House of the Peasant Maralpine Seeds"

Mirazur restaurant and its gardens celebrate peasant seeds: seed barter, visit of the Mirazur vegetable garden, seed sorting workshop and discussion on sorting and storage techniques, round table "Farmers, seed and kitchen: how to build bridges? ». Discussion on how to concretely implement participatory selection, workshop "Farmers' seed and taste": cook with the chefs present the products from farmers' seed and work on tasting, flavour, musical evening.

07 October 2019 - Event


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